Mommy, My Head Hurts
A Doctors's Guide to Your Child's Headache
Sarah Cheyette, MD
Child Neurologist, San Mateo, CA
About the Book


About the Book

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"Much of the information available to parents about
children's headaches comes from books that focus on adult headaches
and that have only a few pages on children."
-- Dr. Sarah Cheyette, MD

"Knowledge is also power, and my book is intended to make you feel more in control of a difficult situation. Use it, with other medical resources available to you, to help your child."

"It is my goal to offer a better understanding of your child's headaches. I hope the knowledge you gain will be a comfort to you."

Dr. Cheyette completed her training in pediatric neurology at the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. She was a Clinical Instructor at the University of Washington, and treated patients at her private practice in Edmonds, WA

Did you know?      
** 12 million children in America suffer from headaches.

** 20 percent of all children suffer from recurrent headaches, half of which are migraines.

** 50 percent of the 23 million adults with migraines had their first attack in childhood

** 1 million school days are lost to migraines each year

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